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Welcome to Gehlot Gruh Udhyog

Welcome to Gehlot Gruh Udhyog, the premier Henna Manufacturer in India, where tradition meets innovation. With unrivaled expertise, we offer an extensive array of products, including vibrant Hair Colors, Senna Products, Henna Cones, and a diverse range of Natural Dried Herbs & Herbal Powders. Our commitment to excellence in medicinal, beauty, and wellness solutions sets us apart. Explore the richness of nature with Gehlot Gruh Udhyog, your trusted partner in natural goodness.

A Global Exporter and Supplier of


In a world where beauty transcends borders, Gehlot Gruh Udhyog emerges as a global beacon, exporting and supplying premium henna products that embody the cultural richness of India. As we traverse continents, we bring the ancient art of henna to the forefront, offering a diverse range of products that captivate beauty enthusiasts worldwide.


We have wide range of hair colors, henna cones, face packs & many other hair & skin products

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